[Top Secret] Equine Experts Swear by This Shampoo!
"Finally! My Horse’s Coat Never Looked Better!”"Finally! My Horse’s Coat Never Looked Better!”

"Finally! My Horse’s Coat Never Looked Better!”

One Simple Change

One Simple Change

Itchy coats... Dull manes and tails... Constant skin irritations... Pestering bugs... Shampoos with harsh chemicals... These are ALL common signs that your horse is suffering from the side effects of traditional equine grooming products. Chemical-based shampoos often irritate sensitive equine skin, leading to discomfort and vulnerability to infections. Luckily, there’s a simple fix. Renowned equine experts have discovered 'Dapple Up® Equine Shampoo'... It rejuvenates coats, soothes skin, and repels insects, all while being gentle on your horse.
The Secret to Healthy Horse Skin

The Secret to Healthy Horse Skin

Dapple Up® tackles problems caused by traditional shampoos at the root, using plant based ingredients and essential oils. This infused formula works harmoniously to give you not only cleanliness, but also peace of mind when it comes time for competition, the show ring, or a luxurious spa day with your best friend! If you want to see your horses with shiny, healthy coats, looking better than ever, so you can feel the pride of having the best sheen and cleanest horse... It's time to DAPPLE UP!
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Daniela Moguel

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