Our Story

Our Story

A chance encounter at Churchill Downs with a gentleman who produced a natural formula for nursing home patients led to Katherine Wheeler directing her considerable energy and talents into providing the best horse shampoo available. Selling to trainers out of the back of her truck at Keeneland in the beginning, Katherine has slowly spread the popularity and demand of a first class product. DappleUp is now found in some of the best barns in the country and is available in select tack shops for everyone's horses and other animals.


About the Owner, Katherine Wheeler


"She grew up Lexington- pure horse country - so right away Katherine Wheeler had a passion for everything horse related while in elementary and middle school, taking riding lessons every week. "I was horse crazy." she says. Eventually, her interests would lead her to starting a company that manufactures Dapple Up, a horse shampoo. But she didn't have a direct route to success. Because by the time she attended Henry Clay High School, she had moved on to other pursuits and stopped riding.-declared major but later took several nontraditional classes with Gerald Smith, professor of history in the College of Arts and Sciences. She developed a keen interest in history and graduated with a bachelor's degree in history......

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 Bio courtesy of UK Alumni