Affiliate Partners

Danzig Brother's Amish Leather & Tack



Danzig Brother's Leather and Tack provides high quality Amish tack and leather. It is found in top equestrian barns throughout the USA.



Horse Shoe Box


"The Horse Shoe Box is all about the love of horses. We want to bring the magical horse experience right to your door. You will be so excited when you open your custom-made Horse Shoe Box and discover all of the goodies put together just for you. "



 Enviro-Equine & Pet



EnviroEquine & PET has created an operation that delivers true “farm-to-stable” quality, a commitment that ensures a rare level of control over every stage of production. For EnviroEquine & PET, product integrity starts at the source. Our company is focused on sustainable practices for the animals, planet and people. To that end, we solely work with suppliers committed to sustainability and excellence in quality. Our vertically-integrated approach demonstrates our promise to work with transparency and integrity, imperative values for today’s consumers who want to trust the quality, efficacy and value of a product."



 ABKM Online Horse Shows


ABKM Online Horse Shows was created to help people be able to show their horses and the hard work they have put into them. They offer online classes for English, Western, Trail, Costume that are judged by equestrian professionals in each discipline. They also offer reasonable entry fees for our horse community.